Sitting Sun Sequence (Code: SS4)

Sitting Sun Sequence (Code: SS4)

£15.99 (Printed Version)

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Sitting Sun Sequence was developed for children who have difficulty standing, but who still want to be challenged and like physical activity. For example it will be ideal for children with Cerebral Palsy.

I also use it as a change of routine to Standing Sun Sequence (SS2) because it presents a different set of challenges to the children 

TOP TIP 1: I tend to use this sequence straight away after lunch because there is less compression on the tummy

TOP TIP 2: Have this sequence up your sleeve for those times when someone in class has a leg injury. Admiring staff will see you as the children's yoga teacher that can adapt to any situation.  

You do not need any prior yoga knowledge to teach any of the postures or sequences.

A2 Printed Posters

  • The posters are colourful, beautifully illustrated and easy to follow.
  • Available in A2 (420mm x 594mm) and printed on top quality Silk Art and laminated for a longer life.
  • Priced @£15.99 each + postage

Download Available

This is also available in an A4 downloadable version

For your peace of mind we offer our Guarantee of Quality. This means that if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of your Sitting Sun Sequence poster, you can return it in good condition and we will give you a full refund. 


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by Sarah Rush on 25.07.2013

Really useful to refer to in class and for parents to come and see at the end when working with non-ambulatory children

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