Songs for Early Years Children

Songs for Early Years Children

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If you have read Sitting on a Chicken, The Best EVER 52 Yoga Games to Teach in School then you will have understood how songs make the postures fun, engaging and easier to remember. Songs also help improve language skills.

This is especially true with the younger children. Which is why I encourage you to make sure that every posture has a specific activity, whether it is singing along to the Banana Song in Banana Posture or counting up to ten in Candle 

In other words it is not just a matter of doing the posture. That would be dry and boring and the class would soon disengage. So sing, count and be creative and I guarantee you will have sensationally successful lessons especially with the younger children

Here are Ten Songs, beautifully sung by children, that you can download for FREE. 

The album is only available to you if you have a copy of Sitting on a Chicken, The Best EVER 52 Yoga Games to Teach in School

Simply insert the special code which you can find in the resources section of Sitting on a Chicken and download your album. 


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by Von on 04.04.2017

Fabulous resource. Highly recommend to all primary teachers

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